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Special AniClub! Wolf Children! Bring Tissues!

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This week, we talk about one of the most beautiful things in the world: Wolf Children!


So...who doesn't love Hana!? Hana is probably one of the most badass women I've seen in anime! She's proof that you don't need swords, bows, weapons, muscles, or explosions to write a very strong female character. She's probably my favorite female character in all of anime (sorry Kosaki).

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, who you may know as Evangelion, designed the characters and they are gorgeous. Coupled with Mamoru Hosoda's always beautiful work, the film has a very captivating and lovely feel to it. People always hype up Makoto Shinkai and his works as the future of anime and even the "successor" of Hayao Miyazaki. I say they are mistaken. Mamoru Hosoda's works look much more beautiful. Coupled with the superior storytelling and characters that his movies provide, Hosoda currently holds the spot as my favorite anime director.


Anyway, back to the movie. I watched this without knowing that the dad dies. Hooray for not reading summaries! It really was a shock to me and the way it was done was superb. Watching his body being loaded into the garbage truck was really painful.

It's particularly painful because the whole of the first part of the movie was so beautifully directed. That opening scene in the fields is one of the most beautiful things I've seen in anime. The succeeding sequence showing their relationship is as beautiful as Up's opening sequence.


Who didn't instantly fall in love with Hana when this happened!?

A lot of shows could not provide in a whole season the endearment, attachment, development, and emotions that Wolf Children did in its first few minutes (kinky wolf sex not included).


I am gushing so hard over this anime right now and I've watched it 3 times already.

Moving on, Ame and Yuki (yes, very creative names) are just as lovable as Hana. Who didn't laugh or giggle when she couldn't decide over going to the vet or the clinic!?


Kawaii (adj.) - used to describe Hana's family.

Ame and Yuki's story is just as bittersweet as Hana's. Over the course of the movie, we see them switch dispositions, with Yuki slowly conforming to being a "normal" girl, in no small part thanks to school, and Ame giving in to his wolf instincts, slowly favoring the wild, after a harrowing incident that left me shaking and cruelly reminded me of his dad's fate.


Another of Hosoda's strength is writing elderly characters. Just as the grandmother in Summer Wars was awesome, tsundere Oji-san here in Wolf Children is equally as lovable. If only we all had tsundere Oji-sans to help us as we play Harvest Moon (which I'm now going to play as every time as a female character named Hana)!

This scene is Clannad: After Story episode 16/18 levels of cruel to eyeballs. Tears were shed.


Wolf Children is absolutely wonderful and sits at the very top of my favorite anime movies list. If you ask me what I think the best/most beautiful anime movie is, I would instantly answer Wolf Children. I can't wait for Mamoru Hosoda's next masterpiece!

What did you guys think of the movie? I gushed pretty hard, huh? Share your thoughts below and help me fill up my hard drive with adorable Wolf Children gifs!


You can share more feels over at TAYCLASSIC or the TAY IRC Channel. Also, please don't forget to watch episode 1-5 of Kokoro Connect for next week's AniClub! It's free on Crunchyroll!

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