SOMEWHERE IN THE MOUNTAINS - An old AniTAY reviewer was spotted deep in the mountains this weekend, mysteriously absent from his old haunt. We filed this report from his old account, just to prove to people that the account can still be accessed.

Dex enjoying his retirement, fishing for good Anime and K-Dramas.

We came across the illusive “Dex” fishing and grumbling about The Wind Rises, the “gif arms race”, and “linker errors”. Having tracked down this admin, we decided to catch up with him and get his take on his history and recent anime.

We asked him about his old anime marathon from a long time ago.

“Yeah, that was me. Long time ago, took the rest of the AniTAY reviewers forever to catch up with me”, he said derisively. “I got to see the best and worst anime had to offer, from Date a Live to Infinite Stratos, and Pupa to Valvrave.”

We’ve also heard of a particularly bloody rebellion within AniTAY against the alleged Dextatorship, so we asked him about it.

“I’ve literally been here fishing this whole time so this is news to me. I mean I guess I still have the admin password and use it to dish out painful truths about their terrible waifus, but that’s their fault”, he stated. “It’s a really bad revolution when the person you’re rebelling at is just chilling here fishing.


Shortly after this he dived into the river and disappeared again. We did notice he left us the Steam download codes for Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative.

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