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I mean I guess the title for this post is a bit misleading as I started doing the videos a month ago, so I don’t mean that I’ve literally just started doing them. So what took me a while to announce this? Well, to be frank I didn’t want to announce it right when I started, because it would be like, “Hey, he’s doing videos now? Let’s check them out!” only to find there was barely anything there. So I guess I waited for a few more videos to come out, but I never really found the right way to do the announcing, as I didn’t want to just drop a post with a video in it on y’all and then have to explain everything then and there. Instead I’ll do the opposite, make a post explaining it all and drop a bunch of videos on you at the same time!


As the header clearly shows I’m doing my videos under the gimmick of The Crunchyroller. Though for clarification, the channel name isn’t under that, but rather just the name I use here, aka my real name, furthering the grand tradition of anime YouTubers having like 50 million names. Anyways, you might be looking at that name and want to know just what the hell is a “Crunchyroller”. Is that like a Crunchyroll fanboy or somesuch? Well, not really. You may or may not know that Crunchyroll’s website has a randomization button that takes you to a random anime series/season when you click it. The idea here is that I’ll be using that button to decide which shows I’ll review(don’t worry though, I will still be covering currently airing shows via early impressions videos, similar to the articles I’ve been writing each season since the Summer 2015 season), and since the button icon is that of a die, I decided to get a little punny and combined Cruchyroll with high roller, because, you know, it’s like rolling the dice? Get it? I’ll stop now......

Anyways, I have a few videos out now, but I’ll post the three biggest ones I’ve done so far right here so you can quickly catch up to speed, starting with my review of the first show given to me by the random button, Otome Yokai Zakuro:

Next up, my second review, this time of the ecchi harem show Ladies Versus Butlers:

And lastly, my most recent video covering my Crunchyroll favorites of Winter 2016:

And if you want to go check the channel itself out, you can get to it here.

Thank all of you that bothered to take the time to check this out. I plan on making posts featuring my more prominent videos going forward, so be sure to be on the lookout for them.


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