So it's the festive season, and it's probably time I give you something as a massive thank you, for everything you people have done.


"What is it?" You might ask.

"Kids, I'm going to tell you an incredible story" Actually it's not that all incredible, nor should I be saying kids since I'm only 20! Seriously stay with me on this, for this requires a little backstory.


Back when TAY first started, I was pretty much this close (as if you can see the hand gesture I'm making) to being one the very first few to sign up, because communities are fun generally. I thought to myself I'm going to provide content when I join! I decided that I'd write an anime review (how original!!) So I studied how Kotaku handle their reviews, studied the format and the style of writing (wait a minute…) Even had a killer title to which today I really like.

"What happened next?" You should inquire.

Well I realized that pictures were a big thing in reviews, and I absolutely didn't bother with including pictures and stuff. I also was doing some proof reading and editing my review which came to a screeching halt. All of this became a combination of laziness and shame which lead me to not signing up to TAY and completely forgetting about it for a good 6 to 8+ months, I forget it's been a while.


"That's a shame" You probably remarked.

It is, so let us fast forward to Friday 19th December 2014, where I was just cleaning up my computer and making space for the steam sales. I happened to stumble across a random folder called "documents" in a weird directory. Curious as the cat I ventured inside to see what on earth is in the folder. There it was… 26Kb in size; icon shaped for Microsoft Word 2010 and titled "Kotaku Style Review of K" Lost for words, I placed my mouse over the top of the icon, left eye brow slightly raised and maybe out of breath. My first thought was to make sure everything around me was safe, and I was in a position to unearth this file.


Right Click. Scan for Virus. The window pops up, coast is clear.

Right Click. Properties. I scanned the information that was available to me, attempting to learn the origins of this mysterious file. File Created: 01 February 2013.


I gasped, it all came flooding back to present me (or technically past me at of time of writing this for you)

Steeling myself for what possible contents this file could contain, I double clicked.


"What was inside" You definitely questioned.

It was blinding at first. A sheet of pure bright white was spread across the screen, with a heavy deep black text sprawled across the page in a lateral pattern. The outer window filled with tools which seemed to provide utility for a past civilization, information itched deep into the pixels of which I could only fathom to guess of the depiction of those ancient times.


I've found Narnia.

So all in all I just found a super old review which I wrote back when TAY first got created (I think, I reckon I'm wrong on that) that I nearly published. I had a quick gander, and obviously I didn't finish cleaning up the review as my introduction is …well you'll see. I preserve the contents and will be published how I've found my review, so everything is original. Here's the authentication, though you'll have to believe me that I didn't Photoshop it or edited in some way.


Please remember this is almost "Past Fruity" , like 2 years ago Fruity, I totally thought this would be fun to show you guys, and see how far I've come…… Wait a minute I don't even write that regularly, let alone do reviews! Holy crap I haven't much!!!!


Anyway Bon Appétit!

K – Just like explosive fireworks. Easy on the eyes and just as easily forgettable.

The fall anime season is normally an interesting selection of series where some studios dare to be brave and bold with exciting material to display. K would be guilty, as such with an ambiguous title with almost zero to none source materials of which the audience can draw expectations from (apart from the official information, again scarce) it'd looked promising, different and all the same time alluring. With such a star studded cast of voice actors, and a teasing preview of high quality animation and such striking character designs, we enter the world of K where coloured clansman and kings clash and

Good – A splendid presentation of both art and animation.

GoHands funds must have had a major increase, as the animation is of a high calibre, with scenes being animated beautifully, stunning backdrops (albeit some were reused) merging it all together into a very visceral anime. The show is so pleasing on the eyes and makes it so effortlessly easy to just simply enjoy what you're seeing, from the very English pub where the red clan would relax and enjoy themselves to the battlegrounds of the city for conflicts which arise and for those who want to escape it all. The characters just as well deserve the praise with the distinct features of different characters either their personality is showing through visually to their allegiances of a clan (or none)

Good – The OST being its own personality through the show

It has this really awesome Persona vibe, with the appropriate use of tracts at the right place and time, from the easy piano and jazz in the pub to the obviously evil (no other word really) silver king in his albeit super awesome blimp. The tracks really set the tone of the environment which are shown and also what is happening on screen, which just sinks in perfectly in sync with the show.

Bad – Where is this plot going?

They say the best way to teach someone how to swim is to throw them in the deep end straight away, not always the best case likewise with K. At the start of the show we as the audience don't know what's happening, as plot develops at a breakneck speed without real pacing or showing rationale or thought for the viewers , and this drags race ends a quarter into the series or so. The intention is clear, the plot is laid out, but the problem is, there's no explanation of why this plot exists. There is an evil silver king because he's evil, and then the series can't decide how to get to point A from introductions to point B, kill the big bad guy. It's like just following one route of action and not looking how it all ends in reality.

Mixed – Gorgeous world building yet makes no sense.

I love it when the narrative decides to unveil that there is so much going on in the world then what is currently happening (like revealing a new country / threat and such) but what the problem here is, they introduced it half way through giving more questions than answers, rather than savouring that piece of plot till later in the series for a sequel or something. But to put it in perspective , an awful incident happen due to the result of something bad happening to a coloured king, and supposedly the red king could cause the same thing, and only the blue clan is actively trying to stop this horrible accident, but the other 4 clans seem like they don't care. It's illogical why they wouldn't help, and to introduce the other clans is irrelevant at the time of the plot if it does nothing to help it progress.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the show's fault and blunt difficulties doesn't detract from the entertainment the series provides, paving its way with its sharp, bright outlandish looks. Showing off its feathers in full flight making the ride just that little bit more enjoyable on the eyes, so we don't have to worry what's going on behind those fireworks.

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