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Skype chat log: WN, LN, Manga - What's the difference?

As requested within the chat, here’s a chat log of a conversation we had about the differences in popular Japanese media types.

[3:52:00 PM] Salvador: Here’s a question: Why do you guys like manga?

[3:52:11 PM] Shadow Haken: Because it´s fun :D!

[3:52:16 PM] Koda Kazar: It’s comic books and I like comics?

[3:52:26 PM] Shadow Haken: And is easier to keep following than the comics

[3:52:43 PM] Salvador: I am not one for comics or manga and was curious what the exact draw is.


[3:52:52 PM] Salvador: Not to say that I hate them, but I tried them and they aren’t my thing

[3:53:15 PM] Salvador: So I just am curious why it works for you guys

[3:53:34 PM] Shadow Haken: Both are more or less the same.

[3:53:42 PM] Exile: The visual medium is an interesting way of imparting information compared to trying to establish scenes via pure text, the art style is more appealing than typical western “comic” art, and the medium lends itself to a greater variety of style, approach and direction than much western media does these days


[3:54:13 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): i am an even split between LNs and manga

[3:54:14 PM] Exile: Manga and anime still alow me to get that sense of adventure and discovery that books do, and western tv doesn’t


[3:54:23 PM] Shadow Haken: But i found the manga easier to read since the stories tend to have a begining and an end , while on the comics (the most popular at the very least) is not much of that and is harder to follow.

[3:54:26 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): manga is the middle ground, to me, between an LN and an anime


[3:54:49 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): -most- manga are acceptable to read at work in between bouts of... you know, doing actual work

[3:55:09 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): almost all LNs are, though in some cases you have to scroll past the more risque images quickly :x


[3:55:37 PM] Shadow Haken: xD. Like a ninja!

[3:55:58 PM] Shadow Haken: Less than a second view but an eternity in your memory


[3:55:58 PM] Salvador: What exactly is a LN

[3:56:03 PM] Shadow Haken: Light Novel.

[3:56:07 PM] Salvador: I knew that

[3:56:12 PM] Salvador: But what is it compared to a manga

[3:56:21 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): it’s a novel

[3:56:25 PM] Kevin Mai - RockmanDash12: a book

[3:56:28 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): with usually about one illustration per chapter

[3:56:29 PM] Shadow Haken: Basically the comics manga are drawings with words...Light novels are words with drawing


[3:56:30 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): ish

[3:56:49 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): you generally have a few extra illustrations in color at the beginning of the book


[3:57:00 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): and the middle-of-chapter illustrations are monochrome

[3:57:38 PM] Shadow Haken: Dayum. You can get a feeling to them if you have played blazblue, Senran Kagura or something like that


[3:57:45 PM] Exile: They’re also typically shorter and written with a less dense style

[3:57:49 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): manga shows you select frames and lets you animate it in your head (except One Punch Man :p) whereas LNs give you a frame or two every chapter and let you draw/animate everything else


[3:58:06 PM] Kevin Mai - RockmanDash12: The name LN is based off the fact they are shorter, and targeted at a YA demographic.

[3:58:10 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): (as opposed to an nime which obviously not only animates everything but also reads itself to you :D;)


[3:58:15 PM] Exile: Incidentally, that picture of Teira in the latest New Gate chapter...

[3:58:17 PM] Exile: Dayum

[3:58:19 PM | Edited 3:58:24 PM] Kevin Mai - RockmanDash12: so, it’s a book.

[3:58:32 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): yes

[3:58:40 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): think paperbacks, mostly

[3:58:47 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): there’re some heavier series

[3:58:59 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): in terms of, had they been printed, the book itself would be heavier


[3:59:05 PM] Exile: And then of course we have webnovels, which are little episodic things

[3:59:15 PM] Shadow Haken: Or the Romantic Novels on the Vanidades magazine :x

[3:59:16 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): Mushoku Tensei, for example, has fucking enormous chapters


[3:59:22 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): right

[3:59:31 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): also, many LNs started as WNs

[3:59:50 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): and when the WN got popular, the author went back, got some illustrations, revised the story a little, and published an LN


[4:00:06 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): this is generally way more profitable/important/popular than staying as a WN

[4:00:07 PM] Salvador: WN?

[4:00:09 PM] Salvador: That’s new

[4:00:10 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): Web Novel.

[4:00:14 PM] Salvador: Ah Ok

[4:00:23 PM] Shadow Haken: Oh...I though it was Weight Novels

[4:00:27 PM] Shadow Haken: Since the others are light

[4:00:28 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): Web Novel requires basically zero investment outside of the time you spend typing.


[4:00:48 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): you submit it to a site, someone reads it, if they like it it gets posted, everyone reads it.

[4:00:53 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): there’s a couple major sites

[4:01:00 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): just like there’s a couple major manga rags

[4:01:22 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): and loooooooots of smaller/independent blogs/pages with less-popular (for now, sometimes) WNs in them


[4:01:52 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): .....should i make an article of this? :D;

[4:01:54 PM] Shadow Haken: I See... One can learn something new every day

[4:02:01 PM] Shadow Haken: Please Do!

[4:02:09 PM] Salvador: I think just copy paste this chat would suffice.

[4:02:13 PM] Salvador: And show everyone how nice you are

[4:02:23 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): i’d kinda prefer to format it a little :x

[4:02:29 PM] Shadow Haken: It´s interesting to know a litle more of the world of the Japanese light novels and it´s diets and its webs ans


[4:02:34 PM] Shadow Haken: And things

[4:02:34 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): also, I have an image to keep up as a trolling douchebag. >_>;

[4:02:50 PM] Exile: “image”

[4:02:51 PM] Salvador: And that’s where you would end it and post!

[4:02:52 PM] Shadow Haken: D:!

[4:02:58 PM] Salvador: So that way people would know

[4:03:02 PM] Salvador: About your image

[4:03:07 PM] Shadow Haken: “Image” ...

[4:04:02 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): :p

(Aaaaand laziness won out over proper formatting. C’est la vie.)

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