Title screen of the “Deep One” Trial.
Screenshot: Nameless

Deep One will the debut title of Nameless which is a new brand under Nexton and the release is set to be on 26. October this year. Though despite that it’s one of the bigger titles to release this year for sure.

The scenario is written by Horinouchi Yuusuke, who also acts as Chief director for the game. All the previous titles where he was involved where Nukige so I doubt much people have heard of him. I’m aware that this fact will lead to doubt whether he could write a title like Deep One, but I have no doubt that he can.


The inspiration for Deep One is quite clear and he even said when he was pitching the title that he wants to outdo Type-Moon.

Fun Fact: the game originally started as a doujin project more than a decade ago, but there isn’t much to be found of that online anymore.

There isn’t that much known about the story yet. The site tells us that the siblings Naoya and Konoka live a normal life until they are confronted with an Old One appearing in front of them. Which sets everything in motion...


The trial is set in chapter 04-06 of the game so it’s definitely not something from the beginning of the game and with around 20 minutes it’s rather short. To be honest the trial alone was enough to make me really hyped for the full game.

We are thrown right into a battle between two characters. This is also the reason why the Trial doesn’t tell us much about the story. It just contains one visual stunning glorious fight.


We are easily talking about the same level as something like Mahotsukai no Yoru. The visual effects belong to the top-class of what the Visual Novel medium has to offer.

The text also hit all the right buttons for what I expect from chuuni battles and this why I have no doubt that Horinouchi Yuusuke is up to the task. The question remains how good the story will be, but the answer to that has to wait till it’s actually out.


There is still the possibility that there will be another Trial before the game is out that will feature story content, but I likely wouldn’t play that since I’m already sold.

The Trial can be downloaded from the official site here: http://nameless.nexton-net.jp/game/do01/download.html


Otherwise there’s also a play-through video of the trial here:

I highly recommend checking out the Trial in some form or another even to those who can’t understand Japanese just because the visual effects are so stunning.


Deep One is definitely a title to look out for, that could turn out to be something really special.

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