So...I got shopping around to different places and it really bothers me how expensive some of this Anime is. Funimation usually has pretty fair prices, but Aniplex prices are absolutely outrageous. Looking around on ebay, occasionally I find series that i'm interested in but are from Malaysia. I've heard those DVDs have absolutely lousy quality. I also found a site called Any suggestions for that site? It looks well constructed/legit, but the prices seem TOO low.

I'm looking for Bluray (hopefully) or DVD versions of: Sword Art Online, Puella Magi Madoka Magicka, Gurren Lagann, and Kill la Kill.

The other option would be importing from the UK or Japan, but on Bluray (which is preferable) it's region locked. I have a PS3, so is there a way to hack that and make the player region free?

I am but an infant in the anime world, and I want to support the shows I love and have physical copies to share with others. But I don't want to get jipped either. English Dub is worth around $10-15 extra to me.