Welcome to the first installment of AniTAY's newest series, the Shonen Jump Round Up. Here we'll take an in-depth look at the most recent chapters of the magazine's biggest titles. In time we'll expand this to cover other magazines and other on-going series, but for now we'll be sticking to the biggest names in the game.

So, without further ado, let's get into this week's chapters!

Bleach 617: Return of the God

With a title like this, you'd think the chapter would focus on Aizen's long awaited return to the story. However, in typical Tite Kubo-fashion, only the last few pages have anything to do with what we actually want to see. The bulk of the chapter actually shows the result of Captain Ukitake's "Kamikake," which predictably stabilizes Soul Society and will continue to do so until everyone can save it (probably).


Everyone around Ukitake seems to experience a nice mixture of shock and horror, and it's especially nice to learn that Urahara doesn't secretly know what's going on, for a change. Even better than that is the fact that Yhwach seems legitimately surprised for the first time since his introduction, demonstrating that his "Almighy" powers aren't so flawless after all. Then again, because no one has a clue what's happening or why, neither do we. All we can see is that Mimihagi has shot all the way from Seireitei to the palace and is holding the Soul King's halved corpse together.

It does give the shinigami another chance to get to the Soul King's palace, but not before spending 6 more pages futzing around with making the gateway. At first they don't have enough power, but then Lisa and Hiyori offer their help, demonstrating, I don't know โ€” that they care more about living than their pride? Moments later, Mayuri shows up with Nemu to deliver another Tite Kubo Deus Ex Machina โ€” a reiatsu amplifier. Why couldn't they just have enough reiatsu with a handful of powerful shinigami, captains, and visored? Because this is Bleach, and opportunities to use throwaway plot devices will never be passed up. Ok, that's not exactly fair โ€” there's a chance the amplifier will be serve another purpose later. But if it doesn't...


Getting to the actually exciting part, Shunsui's encounter with Aizen is pretty interesting. The story still stops to remind readers, "HEY, AIZEN IS TOO STRONG, M'K?!" but I think people would be disappointed if he didn't do something completely overpowered within five seconds of returning to the story. I'm talking, of course, about the fact that he released all five-hundred-million seals on his body after Shunsui uses a single key to unlock Aizen's mouth. I mean, the worst case scenario is Aizen tries to fight his way out of jail and Shunsui has to use his Ban Kai to stop him. Best case, Aizen just runs his mouth without actually acting on his threats โ€” something everyone legitimately loves to see from him.

And that's pretty much it. What sucks the most is that we'll now have to wait 25 more chapters to see what actually happens with Aizen now that he's back on the scene. Maybe we'll get a nice diversion and see what's going on with Kon.


One Piece 778: Tactics No. 5

Fortunately for Jump fans, One Piece is a little more satisfying this week than its counterpart. The second we saw Zoro put on his bandana last week, we knew shit was about to go down โ€” which is nice to see considering every fight that wraps itself up brings us one step closer to the real showdown between Luffy and Mingo.


Now, that doesn't mean Zoro's moment to shine wasn't anything short of spectacular. With a little help, he finally gets the upper hand on Pica (who may or may not have simultaneously the most awesome and most annoying power in Doflamingo's inner circle). Using the new Ichidai: Sanzen, Zoro slices Pica's massive stone body to shreds, forcing him out into the open with no where to run for the first time. The Ishi Ishi no Mi user claims he hasn't lost just yet and throws up some Haki to defend himself, but Zoro DGAFs and takes him out of the fight for good with some Haki of his own.

Otherwise, not much else happened. I mean there are some more pages of King Riku being a real peach while everyone declares their undying support, but we've seen that before. Elizabello II also gets off another King Punch to save the day, showing that even an impractical power is useful twice a day (wait, that's not the saying...), but he certainly isn't happy using it to dispose of Pica's discarded stone-body.


Now that Zoro has won his fight, it's hard to say where the story will go next. A lot of Doflamingo's family has been taken out, so I'm really hoping we get to check in with Luffy. Only time, and next week's round-up, will tell, though! See you then.