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Shirobako gets an anime movie

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The anime about making animes premiered in 2014

During the event “Musashi-Sakai x Shirobako Spring Festival” it has been revealed by P.A. Works that a movie based on the anime SHirobako is in the works.


The movie still is ways off since it doesn´t have a compelte staff, visual or release date. From the confirmed staff we have Tsutomo Mizushima; Michiko Yokote; Ponkan 8 and Kanamichi Sekiguchi; the studios will be P.A. Works and Infinite as the production company.

Anime News Network describes the anime as follows:

Shirobako focuses primarily on Aoi Miyamori, a production assistant at a fictional anime studio called Musashino Animations. The story follows the daily office life and problems that arise in an animation studio, and the workflow in making an anime. Parallel to that, the show also focuses on Miyamori’s friends, who all work or are aiming to work in the anime industry: a key animator, a CG animator, an aspiring voice actress, and a scriptwriter.”


Via: Anime News Network



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