Seikaisuru Kado and why I cannot make weekly reviews a thing

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To address the elephant in the room, no - there won’t be any other episodic review of Seikaisuru Kado from me. I’m truly sorry for anybody who read my previous articles and enjoyed them to disappoint your hopes for another one. If you came just for this confirmation, you can leave now. For the rest, who wants to get little bit of insight with big dose of excuses, you’re more than welcome to continue reading.


Last article I wrote more than month ago was about the episodes four and five. It was for third time in a row, when I put two episodes in one article and if this doesn’t warn you about my scheduling abilities, then I was covering it better than I thought I ever can. Keeping with things regularly without my life depending on it is hard for me. I might get crazy and write three articles a day, but then I might be blocked for a months and if I would try I’ll probably burn any will to write ever again. I had this with novels and poems I used to write when I was younger and which I’m not writing anymore.


To return back on the track and topic - there is one more confession I’ve to make. Since the episode five I haven’t seen any other. I found out that for this show I must be in the right mood to concentrate and enjoy it. Maybe it’s because the show is playing on the smart note or is dialogue heavy, but if I’m trying to force myself through the episode, I’m not enjoying it as much as I would otherwise. With this being said, there isn’t much I can write about if I’m not watching the show at the moment. I’ll definitely finish this show - I’m not dropping it, but I’ll probably wait till the last episode and find some fine day to binge the second half of the show in one sitting.

Lastly in the recent past, there were quite a lot of things on personal and professional level, which I had to deal with. Not only I moved a quarter year ago back to my country and started to reconnect with people I used to know and haven’t seen for several years, but I had to figure out what way will my life go, setup new priorities and plans for the future. This matters should be temporarily resolved and another crisis might occur in the beginning of September, when my contract finishes and I don’t know what I will be doing afterwards, but it’s too far away now to worry about. More importantly I’d like to up the quality of the content I’m producing and this takes for me lot of time and as such I hope you will understand my decision to shut the series down.


As final note I hope I will see you in the comment section of my future articles and I wish everybody all the best in a personal and professional life. Cheers!

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