Fair warning I do talk about the first three episodes in this article, there are no plot spoilers, but I do reveal what I believe to be the trick behind this show. If you dropped this show after the first episode, I recommend you read this, otherwise go watch as far as you can and come back...

Done? Alright read on.

There hasn’t been a lot of talk about this show yet, and for good reason. Ninja Slayer’s first episode was well summed up by MaelwysSC113’s first impression...

But I was excited for this show! It’s being made by Trigger, which has consistently been one of my favorite studios. I went in expecting a cool ninja show.


....................Or at least something like this. I really didn’t know what I was in for, but I really enjoyed the retro art style and the overly dramatic color design showcased in the trailer and opening for the show. And if that’s what I had gotten, I think I would have been happy. So I guess I didn’t really know what I was expecting...

But I certainly wasn’t expecting this:


So after finishing the first episode I was convinced that this was some kind of completely goofy Inferno Cop look-a-like.

The second episode didn’t do much to dissuade from the notion that all we were getting was “YEEEEAART” and ‘Baby’s first time in Adobe After Effects’ animation. Though I have to admit that after I came to this realization I wasn’t entirely disappointed. I really did enjoy the well animated segments and the amusing cutaways to the goofy stuff. It was very self aware and somehow entertaining.

Then episode three came along and shattered my expectations... Again. There was very little of the “MS Paint animation”, and it introduced a few new characters with only the barest minimum of hamfisted dialogue. In fact, many of the themes in this episode were quite dark.


The show also managed to convince me that there was going to be some kind of real plot behind all of this as well, with intrigue, and character development, and cheesy action all the way. I’ve never been so surprised by the direction of a show so many times in such a short span of time. I don’t really know what to make of Ninja Slayer and I cannot in any way promise that this will be a truly great show by any means, but I’m... really looking forward to the next episode. I need to see where this insanity goes from here.

I’ll watch just about anything and try just about everything, but ask me to write an anime article....?


Yeah I’ll give it a shot. Name is XepherLord and it’s good to be writing for Ani-Tay.