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A number of people on the Ani-TAY chat just don't like Aldnoah.Zero, I definitely don't. Somehow we decided that Aldnoah didn't deconstruct Gundam nearly enough, so we decided to take it a step further. I won't spoil it for you.

Dexomega: Every attempt to be Gundam needs a Char clone.
Koda89: Exactly.
Dexomega: :D
Exile: Yup. Once I get all the boxes I get to cry myself to sleep huddled in a corner before murdering another part of my soul in order to remain functional in this blighted crapsack world ^^
Koda89: Though will Crutheo be more Char or Zechs?
Dexomega: Wait, wasn't she shot in the face or something?
Dexomega: >.>
jonuiuc: BINGO!
Koda89: It wasn't direct.
Koda89: She twisted her head to the side.
Dexomega: Still, mask excuse detected at 12'oclock.
Koda89: Basically it just grazed her.
Exile: Well, first, artistic license: biology. Already in effect from the CPR scene. Second, they're not dead until they've been burned
Dexomega: But will people die when they're killed?
Exile: I've seen people saying the air collar would have taken the impact.
Exile: uh, no...
Exile: And we never saw the trajectory of the bullet Inaho took, so he 'could' still be alive too.
Exile: So it could ALL still be bullshit
Exile: I will grant though, having a female Char clone would be amusing
Dexomega: Hey, while we're wild-mass-guessing and decontructing it, maybe we'll subvert the deconstruction and the princess is actually a gender-bender. Then Slaine will go mad, destroy Earth, and boom, the whole show was about Slaine's insecurities as a man.
jonuiuc: Oh, btw. I'm a boy Slain. Yeah Inaho knew, he was cool with it.
Exile: [snerk] I'd laugh
Dexomega: I'm already laughing.
Nomadic Dec: I'm compelled to finish the season in hope of this happening.
Dexomega: Have I saved Aldnoah.Zero for Ani-TAY? Christ.
Exile: Yup. So long as Seylum turns out to be a lady-boy and Slaine goes mad from the revelation, Ani-TAY will come out and say AZ is worth watching.


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