Also Shiori Teshirogi (Saint Seiya -The Lost Canvas- Mangaka) and Chimaki Kuori (Saintia Sho) will be at the Expo.

Japan Expo, one of the biggest events focused on Japan in France, has announced that it will held a Panel focused on Saint Seiya-The Lost Canvas- Anime where Osamu Nabeshima, Animation Director at TMS, and Yuuko Iwasa character designer of the Anime, will appear.

As aready said, the Panel will be focused ont he Anime of Saint Seiya- The Lost Canvas- and the persons who attend will have the chance to make questions to the already mentioned members of the staff.


Japan Expo will be held on July in France.

Besides that, Shiori Tesirogi, Lost Canvas Mangaka, will attend to the convention alongside Chimaki Kuori, the Mangaka of Saintia Sho.


Saint Seiya the -Lost Canvas- is a Spinoff of the Saint Seiya manga. The Manga is a “Retelling” of the past War against Hades on the 18th Century, where Pegasus Tenma, Athena/Sasha and Hades/Alone, three childhood friends who protected as a family will have to fight against each other for just a mere amusement of the Greeck divinities.

The Anime adaptation covered more or less half the Manga and it is quite good! So if you can watch it (already on Crunchyroll it seems) i truly recommend it!


Finally. Some people try to twist this news as an announcement that a third season has been greenlit, don´t believe them... Better to be doubtful and be pleasantly surprised rather than be hopeful and not getting anything.

Via: ANMTVLA (Spanish)