We have reached the end of the road! The 12 Article of this celebration of this dear franchise that has grown to be something that has captivated Japan, Latin America, Europe and China! So let us see what does Saint Seiya has for us regarding the future:

No More Lost Canvas

In the beginning of this year, the Manga of Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas –Anecdotes- came to an end, an epic one at that!, and with that the participation of Shiori Teshirogi has ended regarding this franchise, it is somewhat sad since Teshirogi made an incredible job on this Spinoff!

Still, she has proven herself that she can do not only Shoujo; but Shounen…And I can´t wait to see more of her in whatever next project she will have when her Vacations ends!

Episode G: Assasins Continues (without making sense)


Now the continuation of Saint Seiya: Episode G –Assasins- keeps going with those beautiful drawings in color and all its craziness that to this day keeps without having too much sense.

I am not going to put many spoilers on this train of insanity; but I will say that if you are reading Episode G: Assasins for the history, you are doing it for the wrong reasons.

Don´t get me wrong though. The manga is very good to read and to entertain you! But aside of that, nothing much.


In short, I like the manga even if it has some clear defects It is very enjoyable to read.

Saintia Sho continues…And keeps getting better


Saintia Sho will continue to this day and it seems it has a good popularity, not as big as other Mangas out there; but enough to keep going forward.

Also this new arc it´s very good and I can say that Chimaki is getting more and more comfortable with how the fights and the progressions go regarding this series, so much that even on the Magazine versions of such chapters the fights have been getting better and the story progression too, heck even the characters feel more fleshed out this time! (on the Magazine version, that is fixed on the Volume one) so I can only expect better and better things regarding this work.

Next Dimension…”I´ll be back”


“I´ll be Back”… With those words Kurumada left us with a Cliffhanger in Next Dimension. So now we will have to wait until the new chapters are ready. Luckily he already announced that he is working on them right now…Also yes, I also read it with Arnold Schwarzenegger´s voice.

Now what we can expect is that the Ophiucus Gold Saint will appear and we will see what role he has in all of this, since he can be a bad guy or a good guy, heck even my theory/fan dream is that he will bring a cure for Seiya (also saving Athena of course) without the need of destroying Hades Sword so our Heroes will go to the present (at least some of them) so the history could be keep going forward. Heck even Seiya could go to the past too! Although I would prefer that the things went back to the present instead…

Still we will see what will happen in the future.

Age of Gold


Made by the “Saint Seiya Spinoff” Mangakas, this special chapter is a gift for the 30th anniversary and was released earlier this month. It is more of a Light Novel or a script with some Manga parts made by Teshirogi (Lost Canvas) and some illustrations made by Okada,Chimaki and Koga.

Judging for what I could see from some pictures. It is basically an Ova´s History (some baddies comes, Seiya and friends will have to deal with them) Still the manga parts are top notch! So yeah, I think that this thing will be good whenever someone dares to translate it!


New Animation projects

Toei revealed in the past year that a new Saint Seiya animation project is in the works and said it again on the Saint Seiya 30th Anniversary event that happeened a few days ago… What it would be? Who Knows! Still they are working on it.


Some people even has said that a Next Dimension Adaptation will come. I don´t believe it since well… I don´t think it has too much material already (ironically the Manga has 10 years now)

If I am a little wishful I would like a continuation to the “Legend of Sanctuary” Movie since I liked it and it would be good to see what ideas the director have, since he said that he basically has the script of the second one already…On his mind though :P



We have reached the end of these 12 days. Still, this is not the end of this legendary franchise and my cover for his series (Like Saintia Sho) or announcements.


Here it is to hope that more things and more years come on the future for this franchise!

AniTAY remember to always feel your Cosmos!!