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Saint Seiya: Next Dimension will enter on it´s Final-Arc

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Although “The Season” of this Manga only have one chapter left.

On the newest number of the Akita Shoten´s Weekly Shonen Champion, it has been revealed that after this “Season” of the Manga of Saint Seiya: Next Dimension, the story will enter on it´s final arc for it´s Current history. The last Chapter of this “Season” will be published on January 21.


Since Saint Seiya: Next Dimension is an Irregular manga that get published during certain parts of the year, the people have been calling them “Seasons” to those batch of new Episodes...Like if it was an Anime.

Saint Seiya Next Dimension is the Official Prequel/Sequel of Saint Seiya and it tell us the history in which after the Deadly Battle Against hades on the Elysion Fields, Seiya is mortally wounded and left in a Vegetative state; so Saori/Athena alongside the other Bronze Saints (Shun, Ikki,Hyoga and Shiryu) goes to the Past in order to destroy Hades´s Sword so in the future Seiya won´t have such Condition.


The Actual Story Arc is basically the old Gold Saints saying to Shiryu and the others Bronze Saints that they will be the new Gold Saints of the Future; while Hades is poking his noose or something because he is doing nothing and the Ophiucus Gold Saint is trolling everyone with his talking Snakes.

Also curiously enough. Kurumada (the Mangaka) said when Next Dimension was new(on 2006) that he had ideas for Next dimension that could cover for 10 years...And here we are! 10 years after and it´s coming to an end.


On a related note, The Spinoff Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas -Anecdotes- it is coming to an end too, and will end with the story of the Old Twins: Sage and Hakurei.

Via: Anime News Network

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