From LightNovels, Chibi-Spinoffs, Videogames, Doujins made by CLAMP, random trivia andmuch, much more are the things that Saint Seiya have in its life!

Saint Seiya: Gigantomachia (Light Novels)

Fan Art made by Marco Albiero

Made by Tatsuya Hamazaki (One Piece Novels) this is an original history authorized and supervisedby Kurumada (Saint Seiya´s author). It is a history about how after the Sanctuary and the world enjoy finally some days of Peace, the Giants have awaken and wants to awoke their god, Typhon.

The Novelit also shows new characters: Nicol Saint of Altar and the new prospect to bethe new Patriarch; Yulij bronze Saint of Sextant a female Saint who is kidnapped by the enemy; and Mei of Coma Berenice the Main character and discipleof Death Mask, he is a Saint without qualification since he is not Bronze,Silver or Gold, also he is the true heir of Mitsumasa Kido, Saori´s Grandpa.


The Novel features lots of fights where Mel and the 5 protagonist of Saint Seiya (Seiya,Shiryu, Shun, Ikki and Hyoga) will have to put their test to another bloodybattle against beings who are closer to be semi-gods.

The history has good intrigue regarding the past of Mei, and the reason why his armor has not any designation.

The fights are good and the history is self-contained also. If you are an avid reader you can finish the whole history in a single day since it is like 200 pages more or less.



One of thebiggest things that Saint Seiya has is the merchandise, the toys, Cd´s, etc. Talking specifically about the toys where a big quantity and types exist. Wehave the already assembled characters with their armors; the ones that has somemetal pieces and you can put them their armor back (I had various of those).


There are from the Bronze, Silver, Gold Saints, God Warriors, Marines, Specters; Original Series, The Lost Canvas, Omega and more! And even in different versions, onesshinier than the others, in different sizes and with different things. The thing has been so popular that there are even a “Chinese Pirated Toys” division that started copying the originals made by Bandai, and today it´s doing their own original toys based on Saint Seiya.

Now Talkingabout the toys, let us go to our next point!

Saint Seiya: Saint Paradise (Chibi)


While the manga and anime of Saint Seiya was a success there was other thing that was successful…The Toys, so when one think about toys, it tend to think in Kids.

Having that into account Shueisha and Bandai (now Bandai Namco) decided that it would be agood idea to make a Spinoff where the characters are Chibi (super deformed; butcute) and called it Saint Paradise, a more comic approach to the original work.


Saint Paradise had a Manga, toys,cards, board games and videogames having a success while it lasted for 2 years more or less.

The reason of the existence was also in order to give Kurumada some time to breath, since after the Hades Saga, he was very exhausted (he even had to cut lots ofchapters he had planned for such Saga in order to hurry himself up and finish it).

Saint Seiya Doujins made by famous groups


Variouspersons have read and based some of their works on Saint Seiya. Let´s check them

CLAMP Seiya…Or Doujins made by CLAMP.

When CLAMP was only a mere Doujin Circle, it was one known for being specialized in SaintSeiya.


The Doujins are funny and more or less Yaoi material... Even though I don´t like Yaoi/Yuri, I still found them funny and charming :P Also they are all ages rated so yeah, they are more or less safe for work.


Also Yun Kouga when she was a Doujin Artist she specialized on Kurumada´s works, and forthat when she make the jump and became a full Mangaka, she was chosen to make the Manga “Kurumada Suikoden: Hero of Heroes” Manga. Talking about Doujin Fame,huh?


Saint Seya,like most famous Anime/Manga, it also had a Musical called “Saint Seiya- SuperMusical” and it was basically the same history of the Eris Ova which I talked about the past year. There are various videos of it in youtube, if you liked it.


Fun Facts of Saint Seiya and Kurumada

Promotional used for a Museum exhibition of Greece.

Did You know that…

-SaintSeiya was originally going to be a Sports Manga? Basically a Martial Arts one,the twist it was that the fighters had Super Powers.


-Originally the Armors where going to be more like Karate/Judo attires, and thenpassed to be more like Samurai, until Kurumada took inspiration on the Medievalones and started from there until what we know today (the best example is theLeo Gold Armor).

- The word“Saint” it is not truly based on the most normal definition of the word; but rather because for Kurumada the Japanese words “Holy Warrior” (Something Senshi) sounded like “Saint” to his ears.

- Athena was not to be a character in the Manga; but rather an analogy of what the characters where striving for, their motivations to fight, so the phrase“Protect Your Athena” was going to be used a lot. Finally it was decided that Athena would be a character in the end. There it is to say that the catchphrase of the movie “The Legend of Sanctuary” was “Protect your Athena”.


- Kurumada for some reason or the other, decided to investigate himself in Greeck mythology and Astrology in order to use it as inspirations for Saint Seiya,being this not the first time he had done that (In Bt´X he investigatedMaths,Physics and Philosophy).

- At first the Leo Gold Saint was going to be his Main character and a red head, althoughafter he discovered the Pegasus constellation, he decided to use better suchConstellation for his main character and put away the Red Hair. It is easy thento say that Megumu Okada inspired by that decided to put Aioria with red hair.

- After the investigations and such, Kurumada decided that the Manga will not be a Sports one; but rather a more normal Shounen with some elements of mystery.


-When the Hades Saga was still being made, Kurumada talked with the people at Shueisha in order to short the chapters and speed things up, this was because he wasgetting tired and his point right finger was very damaged (the fact that mostarmors had tons of details didn´t help either). This ended up with the Hades saga being quite rushed and a loss of popularity.

- It was planned that the Anime adaptation of the Hades Saga would be in the 90´s, sadly due to the low popularity that the manga suffered (due to the point above) and the death of the producer the project was canned and it wouldn´t be until the beginning of the XXI Century.

- The reason the Hades saga got animated was due to 2 things: 1.- the fact of aresurgence in popularity of Kurumada´s works, this was since the sequel of his Box manga, Ring ni Kakero 2, was truly successful, so the first project to be animated would be Hades Saga in the format of OVAS. Ring Ni Kakero also had an Anime adaptation (quite good though).


2.- An Animated Fan Film about such Arc made by an European Fan which the Producer came to see when he was at an Expo, he was so moved and realized about how passionate (and profitable) was the International Market, so he grabbed the only copy it existed and showed him to the tam at Toei.

- Since the beginning Kurumada was planning that the Arc continuing to the Hades one wouldbe one that will include Zeus and other Olympian Gods, originally it would bean Athena- Zeus teams Vs. Poseidon Hades teams. This part was scrapped and thesaga wouldn´t come out again until the “Heaven Arc-Overture” movie, which was afailure in both critics and box office.

- After the cancellation of the other “heaven Arc” movies, Kurumada decided to take thework of Saint Seiya on his hands again and alongside Shiori Teshirogi decided to make a prequel that would be a “two sides” of the same history. Making bothNext Dimension and The Lost Canvas.


-Kurumada wrotte the Ending song of Lost Canvas Anime “Hana no Kusari”

-With the pass of the chapters, it was obvious that both prequels have nothing to do witheach other, so it was decided that Kurumada´s work will be Canon, whileTeshirogi an spinoff/Retelling of the history.


-The Director Louis Deterrier is a big Saint Seiya Fan and because of that in theRemake of Clash of the Titans the Olympian Gods have armors that resemble theGold Armors of Saint Seiya.


-On the samenote, it was asked to Masami Kurumada to draw his version of the posters inorder to promote the movie in Japan.

Those are just some examples of what Saint Seiya has had on it´s history.