Illustration for article titled Sadako Vs. Kayako or The Ring Vs. Ju-On movie has been Greenlit

two of the most iconic Japanese Horror movies will clash!

If we had Jason Vs. Freddy, why can´t we have this?!

Anyway. Kadokawa has announced that it has greenlit a movie mashup between Sadako from the Ring movies against her genetical enemy: Kayako from Ju-On!


The movie will have the name of Sadako vs. Kayako.

Koji Shiraishi is directing the film.

Yamamoto (Hunter X Hunter -The Last Mission-) will be the poor soul that will get in the midle of both creatures.


The film will come in June on Japanese Theaters.

I have seen various japanese Horror films and i can say that either they are truly frightening or truly boring. Let´s hope this come on the former and not the later!


Via: Anime News Network

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