The Past Weekend it was the big premier of Rokka no Yuusha or Rokka: The Brave Six flowers. And although i liked what i saw from the first chapter there it was another thing that caught my attention... Their Prehispanic Theme.

I´m saying this since it is a bit of fresh air after the continuous parade of medieval, Nordic, Greeck Chinese and Japanese themes on the Fantasy Animes. Don`t misunderstand me. I love thos themes!. But as a Mexican and an observer, it truly caught me seeing how they use our edification and clothes (for the extras at least).

While i can´t talk much about the history and if it´s more or less based on the Mythology of the Prehispanic Cultures (with the exception of the Goddess of Fate, but moreof that later) i can talk a litle of the looks and what they might be based on.

First let´s Start with a litle of History: The Prehispanic Period occured on the years of 1800 B.C. to 1521 A.C. Exactly the years of when the People discovered the agriculture to the year were the Aztec Empire (Or Mexican Empire) fell under the Spanish Conquerors, lead by Hernan Cortez, reached. Now all of these years are separated on three Horizons: Pre-CLasic, Clasic and Post-Clasic.


I´m saying this in order to detect a litle on what inspiration the creator of these series of Light Novels, to whom this Anime is inspired, since i hardly believe he based something on the Pre-Clasic Horizon, since the most prominent ones are the Olmecs (The ones with he Giant Heads) although he could catch something about the Mayans... But from the looks of it it looks like he based the big majority to the Aztecs.

Note: I Might interchange the terms of Aztec and Mexica from time to time.

The City


First let´s start with the city, Piena, it is a big Capital on that country. But there is someting peculiar... Is Above the water. That, my friends, is not a coincidence since the big Capital from the Mexica Empire is also above the water!: Tenochtitlan.

You See. Tenochtitlan was the city that the Aztecs funded after their Exodus of 400 Years since their Priest Tenoch had a message from their War God Huitzilopochtli who told them to get out of their place ,Aztlan, and search his signal to were they will fund their city. That signal was: An Eagle eating a Snake above a Nopal (A Kind of Cactus). The Mexicas found the signal of their God on a Litle Island on the Texcoco Lake. And well... After that the history of their rise to be the most important empire of it´s age is history (An history that would make Game of Thrones looks like a Child´s Fairy tale if you ask me).


The Goddess of Fate Codex.

When the narrator, and the girl with bunny ears, tell the tale of the Goddess of Fate, there were some things that ringed a bell with me. And it´s because the form of the circle and thos squares that suround it. And that is because it´s based on , not one, but two Aztecs Iconic forms.


The FIrst and most obvious is the Sun Rock, or more popularity known as the Aztec Calendar, this sculture was made, acording to the Monk Diego Duran, for the Huey Tlatoani (AKA Mexica´s King) Axayacatl (Ax-aya-Ca-Tel) and it has the days, months and years, also some stars and in the center the Sun, which is also Huitsilopochtli.


The Next one is the Codex Fejervary Mayer. A Codex with Mexica,Nahua and Mayan references. It symbolizes , acording to some references it´s the positioning of the four cardinal points (or the 4 tezcatlipocas). The God on the Center (Tonatiuh, the 5th Sun) is looking at the east because for the Aztecs that is the most important sign since the Sun comes out from that place and in there we have Quetzalcoatl; On the west we have the Feminine side, and the place were all the Mothers who died at giving birth go; On the North is the place of the Death, there is a Cocoa tree on there; and finally we have the south a silent place with a Hummingbird , which also represents Huitsilopochtli.

This Codex also is a Schedule for the Sacred rituals of certain Gods and some sort of adivination.

The Codex of the History.


The form on how they tell the ancient history is also very inspired on the Pre Hispanic Codex. Just for a show a single image:

Also i Don´t know if i have to say this but the Codex were the form on how the Mexica, and other Prehispanic cultures, showed their scripture and history.


Also the form on how their killing images represent are quite similar with the Codex.

And compare to it to this Codex that represent the Killing on the Mayor Temple made by the Conquerors against the Aztecs.


Dayum. Lots of Gore too.

The Goddess of Fate Story.


The Goddess of Fate story. A person who in some stories is a Goddess and in others is a Human, and the fact that when it leaves it gives an Arthurian Kind-off message is enough proof to show that she is somewhat based on Quetzalcoatl: The Featehred Serpent.

You See. Quetzalcoatl in some legends he is a God and in some others he is a form of a Wise King. His stories goes to the born of animal like the Bats (Who were born after he Faped a litle); how he give us the men the Gift of Pulke (Alcohol) because we were very sad and so on.


But the conections with the Goddess of fate came from two legends. One as a God and the other as a Man. The first one is how he and his Brother Tezcatlipoca (Who can be either good or bad depending on the story) defeated a big monster who were a menace to the entire world. On that fight Tezcatlipoca sacrificed a part of his body and Quetzalcoatl gave the final blow to the beast.

The Fact that Quetzalcoatl was considered for the other Gods as the Heroe and Tezcatlipoca as a mere subodinate made the God of the Mirror (Tezcatlipoca) to hold a grudge against his Brother.


The Next legend is based on the Man Quetzalcoatl, on the mystic city of Tolan (A some sort of Mexica´s Atlantis but on the land). Quetzalcoatl was the King, a noble , just and wise King. Our poor King was very stressed since his city needed him for basically every decisión. Well, an old and mysterious man (who later we know it was Tezcatlipoca on disguise) came to the King and told him that he knew all the presion that his majesty is passing... So he gave him a nice beberage. Quetzalcoatl trusted on the old man and acepted the gift in a humble way... What Quetzalcoatl didn´t know is that beverage, besides the fact that it had alcohol, it has some drugs. Those drugs made that the Wise King loosed all his senses and do a lot of shameful acts on the palace and on the city. He even sexually abused of his Sister.

When Quetzalcoatl regained his senses he realized all of the vile acts he did and felt ashamed. The Mysterious old man was already gone. He then decided that he will go to the sea, to a palce unknown on the earth...But he left a promise that one day, maybe, he will come back.

I have to say that thanks to this story, when the Aztecs sought the Spanish Conquerors, some of them mistook them for Quetzalcoatl and his subordinates.


As you can see the paralelism between the Goddess of Fate and Quetzalcoatl are quite big.

Now Rokka: The Brave Six Flowers , after seeing the first episode. Points to be an awesome mystery/Action/ Epic Fantasy on a unused theme. The Prehispanic on generaland the Mexica on Particular!.