Ani-TAY authors are nothing if not inventive, and Rockmandash12's latest venture is a testament to this fact. During a high school cultural festival, he and others in his class decided to do a maid cafe, and business was so brisk that he decided to continue, renting a building and inaugurating Rock's Maid Cafe.

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At first, Kevin was against the idea. "It's not like I really want to wait on customers," he told me, "but I'll put up with it, out of the goodness of my heart." His staff convinced him it was a winning operation, however, and so he opened doors. Before he knew it, customer satisfaction was his primary goal. "I fell on a banana peel this morning, and as soon as he saw me, Kevin yelled, "Geez, stop pushing yourself! You're going to get yourself hurt one day, you idiot!" then helped me up," one regular told me. "It was all very awkward considering he had a full maid outfit on."

I inquired as to why Kevin himself wore a maid outfit, to which he replied, "T-Tch! S-Shut up!" Clearly, it must be his passion for the customers. Since maid cafes require the waitresses to wear maid outfits, Kevin had no choice if he wanted to help his customers. "I'm just here because I had nothing else to do!" was all he would say when I mentioned this theory.


Some people are less enthused with the cafe, however. "The customer service is strange, that's for sure," one customer said. When I placed an order, Kevin said, "Don't misunderstand, it's not like I like you or anything..." then gave me a free coffee. When I asked him why, all he would say was that, "I just had extra, so shut up and take it!" Very strange, to say the least."

It's not just the customer service that brings in the customers. "We have music regularly from up-and-coming stars here, and most of our waitresses are trained in dance routines," Kevin told me. And indeed he was right. On my visit, I witnessed some new talent and was absolutely shocked that such quality could be found at a maid cafe.


My visit to Kevin's cafe was an interesting one, from the food and dancing to when I walked out and he shouted after me, "Are you stupid? You're such a slob!" I highly recommend giving his new establishment look if you get the chance.

Interested in what new talent I observed at the cafe? Stay tuned, more on that later today!

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