The Comedy Horror film will premier in December 16

The Official website for the 4th Yo-Kai watch movie, which has the full name of “Yo-kai Watch Shadowside: The Return of the Oni King” has uploaded some info regarding its story, whcih Anime News Network has translated as follows:

“In the film’s story, there used to be a boy who could control yo-kai with a mysterious watch. However, he became unable to see yo-kai when he became an adult. With the boy’s duties finished, the watch was buried away in space-time. Then 30 years later, quiet everyday life comes to an end as a fateful day begins with a comet drawing near. The terrible yo-kai virus Onimaro infects people’s malevolent intentions and spreads infinitely. The one chosen by the yo-kai watch is the one who can save humanity from its crisis. The bond between humans and yo-kai may be recovered with the attainment of a new yo-kai watch.

The key to the story will be three new human characters, all of whom may hold a yo-kai watch of their own. Natsume is a 13-year-old girl who nearly drowned in a river when she was very young. The girl who likes to take care of others remembers “something” saving her from drowning. Tōma is a 13-year-old boy whose parents are busy with work, so he is always alone. Akinori is the oldest son in a family that has used yo-kai in fortune-telling for generations.”

Akihiro Hino, Yo-kai Watch´s creator and Level-5 CEO, is overseeing the film production and has called the movie a “new comedy horror film” that both child and adults can enjoy.

Via: Anime News Network