I´m not a fan of Evangelion, but i am of Regular Show. And this was hilarious!.

On the new episode of this week of Regular Show, the cartoon had a very new and original opening. One that resembles an Iconic 90´s and Mech Anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion.

JG Quintel and his team went as far away to put even a Japanese Song called "Day Break on a Rose Petal". The Song even say, on Japanese "We´re Brothers, We´re Soldiers We´re Baby Ducks!" (Bokura ga kyodai, bokura ga senshi, bokura ga baby ducks! )

This is not the first time that a Cartoon Network Cartoon showed some love for this Anime in particular, since in Steven Universe in the chapter "the Test" (I think?. The one were the Crystal Gems put Steven to a test to see if he is ready) when the Crystal Gems appalud steven for winning the animation looks alot like the last chapter of said Anime.


In Other notes, Michael Bay want to make an Evangelion Movie, i support that :P.