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Red Ash will get an Anime!

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Although none of the stretch goals were obtained.

Today the Kickstarter made by Comcept, the anime of RedAsh, based on the video game, which failed it´s Kickstarter BTW, get it´s initial goal of $150,000.00.


Studio 4°C will be the studio on charge and Yuta Sano (Berserk: The Golden Age Arc III- The Advent) will be the Director.

The name will be RedAsh -Magicada- and even if none of the stretch goals were made, Comcept will continue with the funding in their webpaged and if the project reaches more than $2,000,000 it will be made into a full flegged movie.


The Game, eventhough it failed it Kickstart, is going to be funded by FUZE.

Via: Kickstarter


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