I’ve been keeping up with Re:Zero on a weekly basis, and thus far it has yet to disappoint me. It’s a really entertaining show that has a very unconventional main character. Natsuki Subaru is dumb, he’s stubborn, he’s selfless, but most importantly, he’s weaker than everyone else. This isn’t some underdog story where the character who is technically weaker than his opponent keeps getting back up and somehow manages to defeat his opponent time and time again. Subaru goes down and stays down. And this show uses its premise to great effect.

Subaru has the power to reset every time he dies. He jumps back to a specific point in time prior to his death. Normally, a show would just brush off any effects that this would have on a person, but not this show. Subaru remembers everything. Every life he’s lived, every time someone has died, every time he has died, he remembers it all and it takes one hell of an emotional toll on him. And the worst part is that he can’t tell anyone about it or the fact that he’s from another world, two crucial pieces of information that would solve a lot of problems if said out loud. It’s actually painful to see him emotionally crumble. He’s so human that you can’t help, but sympathize with him.

And so that is why Re:Zero is one of my top Spring 2016 anime. It just captures my interest evety time because the main character is so believable. The other characters I admit aren’t quite as good. Emilia never really changes much, its hard to tell if Roswaal is as much of a trickster as he looks, and Reinhard is playing some kind of game. Rem and Ram are probably the only two character I care about just as much as Subaru, and that says something when they trump the female lead of the series and I’m rooting for SubaruxRem over SubaruxEmilia(Which I know won’t happen because this series is seriously shipping SubaruxEmilia, very forcefully I might add.). Overall though the story is still good. It still has my attention, unlike Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress which went downhill fast after Biba showed up.

Moving on, the art still remains beautiful and consistent, no change there. I will say, however, that the soundtrack has fallen into the background. Not that it particularly stood out before, but whereas I could pick it out, I just can’t hear it now. I hear the voices and the sounds, but the music is dead silent to me which is depressing. I can’t even a hum a tune because I don’t know any tunes to hum.

Having said all of this, if you’re still on the Re:Zero bandwagon, I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am. If you’re not on the bandwagon, I suggest you jump on, but the choice is yours because it may not be to everyone’s taste.