The other day I was leisurely talking with one of my friends who's into Anime, about how nowadays, it is very common for shows to throw some cameos or make references to other series or forms of media. Then we decided to recolect some recent ones from the current Summer 2014 Anime season, and this is the result.

The header image is from Locodol, and even if I haven't played the VN/watched the Anime, I can thank a certain person on TAY/Ani-TAY because I instantly knew what franchise they were trying to pay homage to.

The next one, is probably one that a lot of people got. In episode 3 of Tokyo X-me.... I mean Tokyo ESP we get to see a trio of characters that look exactly like a Homage to Egon, Ray and Peter from the classic supernatural comedy film Ghostbusters

Then, in the first episode of Jinsei (the show that still hasn't been picked for simulcast, but there are rumors floating around that Funimation is probably picking this one up under the name Life Consulting TV Animation"LIFE") we have two characters playing a game of Jenga with what it looks like wafer cookies. And on top of the wafer structure we have this lovely miniature figure of Mao from GJ-bu.


Then in episode 4 of Sword Art Online, after the opening scene, there are some screens floating around showing what it seems like other games publicity. One of those screens is showing a logo from Tales of Zestiria (Bandai Namco has a lot to do with this) , the upcoming game in the "Tales of" series. which is funny, because that particular arc takes places around 2024~2025 and I really don't want to wait that many years for the game :/. Albeit the game becoming a VRMMO doesn't sound so bad :P


But that's not all, the last one, courtesy of said friend who I was discussing this topic with, comes what it seems to be a fan-translation (don't do this at home :P) of the OVA special Blu-ray chapter bundled with the 8 volume of the Light Novel of "My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy". This is a parody of a rather (in)famous scene of a rather (in)famous Anime which I won't tell because that would be a spoiler, but I know a lot of you can tell immediatly.


Have you caught some other one? Or what is your all time favorite cameo/parody/homage out there?