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Last Fall season, MAPPA’s Rage of Bahamut: Genesis aired and was popular with its take on Cygames’ mobile game “Rage of Bahamut.” The fantasy world and characters were enjoyable and the animation was great. The announcement for a second season was made after a concert of the first season’s music.


A few years ago, I played the game almost non-stop for a period of about three months then got bored with it and deleted it from my phone. When I saw that there was going to be an anime by the same name, I was intrigued, but also confused as to what it would actually be about. It turned out to be a popular show, and very good in my opinion, with a good fantasy feel. Plus, Favaro is such a lovable character.

No details about the second season have been released, but I think it’s safe to assume that MAPPA will be handling it based on their success with the first season.

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