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Quick Admin PSA

Hi guys,

What kind of content we want to see or feel comfortable with is a very subjective thing, and AniTAY will always be a place where - inflammatory and hateful takes aside - people can publish what they want and engage with ~Problematic~ and messy human topics if they so choose. The only things I would ask that you respectfully do are:

  • Give a heads up for NSFW content, of course
  • Give a friendly heads up if your article deals with self-harm, suicide, sexual abuse, all that great stuff. These things are important to write about but people deserve to have an informed choice about whether they’re up to reading it. You can just put it in the tags if you want!
  • Refrain from using header images that depict the above things.
  • Have fun and be yourself

Reminder: We hang out, watch movies, play games, and sometimes try to do things in the real world. If you’re interested in joining the AniTAY discord, let me, Dex, or one of the authors know.


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