Hello, hello! Are you still eating delicious turkey leftovers? Now that the greetings season has come to an end and we are already preparing for the holiday times, the times to forgive, to understand, to see the good on the bad, It is time to see what good things you might find on the things you hate!

The question is obviously What series you like from a genre you either don´t like or aren´t interested in. On my case it would be Love Lab, which enters on the “Cute Girls doing Cute things” category, I mean while I can´t say there is a genre I dislike, the already mentioned type of anime it´s not even on a honorable mention for me! I mean those series tend to be too cutesy for my tastes, the characters feel (for me) too extreme and trying too hard to be seen as stand outs, and as the cherry on top it usually has or goes to the Yuri which alongside Yaoi is not Saint of my devotion (I mean I can watch a yuri or yaoi series if everything else is good; but you get my drift).

Anywa, going back with Love Lab, the series is a Cute Girls doing Cute things; but it clicked with me, the characters were very funny, even if sometimes they go to the extreme, the whole general story (in the anime since the manga goes way further than where the anime left) I found it great alongside the reactions of the characters, and there is no Yuri; but rather a bunch of girls that are trying to understand (and maybe fall in) love! Also it made me laugh a lot and I gladly can watch it again unlike other series of the “Cute Girls Doing Cute Things” where yeah…Maybe I can laugh and pass a good time; but chances are that I might not or if it occurs I won´t be going back to rewatch or to try to find the manga or the source material if it exist!

Anyway, what series have you liked from genres you tends to not navigate around?! Let us know in the comments!


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