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Question of the Weeb: Your Favorite Dub

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I’ll be honest, I almost always watch the subtitle version of an animation that is originally non-English. Its not so much as a purist thing for me, its more that I’m so used to reading subtitles that it takes zero effort and adds no distraction. Heck I even watch subtitles with English shows if the dialog is too quiet. I consider it a bonus that I can hear the original inflection and delivery that was made to match the animation.


Of course there are a few anime where I actually preferred the English dubs to the original voice acting, Spice and Wolf always comes to mind. The banter between the two leads is just so good.

So, whether you listen to dubs regularly or sparingly, what is your favorite non-native Dub of an anime?


(Please include another dub if you include Ghost Stories, heh)

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