I’m gonna lead off with the question real quick for the tl;dr before I go long into how I got there: What’s your favorite instance of either a tabletop RPG featuring in anime/manga/LNs, or an anime-based occurance in a tabletop game you’ve played?

I think I mentioned this in a comment section a few weeks ago, but one of my tabletop groups is doing an Avatars campaign, where you gen yourself as a character within the game system’s rules and play as yourself in that world; think Dungeons and Dragons: Isekai Version (except we’re using the White Wolf systems instead).


My character ended up as a member of the most versatile class of the major ones available in the system, a Mage. Upon realizing I could basically just tell reality to fuck off and do what I want instead, I immediately started thinking of how to translate some useful anime shenanigans into that kind of magic.

Their form of magic has 10 schools: Life, Death, Mind, Spirit, Forces, Matter, Time, Space, Fate, and Prime. You can have a maximum (before epic-level horsehockey) of 5 points in each of them.

A Kamehameha, for example, probably just requires Forces 4 with no tricks, but the Spirit Bomb requires not only Life 3 and Spirit 3 to gather the energy from living creatures and Force 4 to convert it to an offensive blast, but also Space 2 to even try to harvest the energy from outside normal sensory range. The entire-planet-targeting BS that Goku pulls might require Space 3 or 4 instead.

Creating a Symphogear relic would be a massive undertaking, requiring Prime 3 to imbue an item with powers, Mind 2 to both dredge a song from your subconscious and allow you to interrupt your singing without dropping the effects, Life 3 to allow you to perform the superhuman feats of strength, Matter 3 just to create the armor and weapons from nothing, Forces 3~5 to make the weapons actually do most of the special attacks, Fate 4 or 5 to both give you plot armor and to let it choose “qualified” users, and probably Death 3 or 4 to allow you to sacrifice your own life for a final, massive performance.

That’s some high-level weebin’.

So while thinking of all that, I also remembered that there’s been several manga and LNs about both tabletop gaming as a hobby (such as Quick Start!!) as well as a couple about people accidentally getting pulled into their characters - both Overlord and Log Horizon-style VRMMOs as well as the odd WN about an older gamer waking up as his epic-level D&D Wizard in a world that runs on a different system.


There’s also several tabletop systems that are meant to allow you to play as anime characters, such as Big Eyes Small Mouth (often described as “Anime GURPS”) or the Maids RPG System (which is so much more amazingly terrible than it sounds), and that’s before you get into straight-up “here’s a tabletop system based on X anime,” of which I’ve both played and created several.

I know a lot of the TAY and AniTAY crowd play tabletops, or at least hear about friends who do, so: 


Let’s hear your favorite / best / cringe-iest Anime x TRPG stories!

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