Hello, hello! How has this week treated you? I hope that is everything is going great with you, and if not then all the energy so you can keep going! Anyway, let´s forget about all of that because it´s time for the Question of the Week!

Now all of us while watching anime have encountered some series that we have found great, interesting or just entertaining to see; then the final chapter airs and when the credits ends you have a feeling that there are some plot points never solved, or some foreshadowing that never realized...Something is missing.

So obviously after doing a quick Google-Fu search you find out that the anime didn´t cover the complete series it´s based on! And even worse, everything points out that the rest of the series won´t be covered so you have to either read the manga/light novel or play the video game, etc. Or be left witht he doubt.

SO the Question of the weeb is: What are your favorite series that didn´t covered all the material it is based on? and if you decided to read the work the anime is based off in order to keep with the story?


On My case there are 3 works that comes to mind:

1.- Keijo!!!!!!!!


Very fun series, an Ecchi show that itps amazingly entertaining to see and be amazed int he whole craziness and while the anime was able to end in a more or less conclusive state, it was a “Our jiurney still continues” kind of ending.

Keep witht he series: Yes

2.- Nanana´s Buried Treasure


A very funny series with an interesting world and likeable characters; plus various mysteries that makes it for an entertaining watch; still the anime ended without solving any of the biggest mysteries that where presented

Keep with the series: No

3.-Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas


A very exciting tale of Saint Seiya taht I recomend to both new to the series and veterans, exciting fights, great characters and a very interesting story that is being told; still the end of the anime was kind of a mix of Keijo and Nanana since it´s the end of an story arc; but you are left with a huge cliffhanger and variosu mysteries still haven´t been solved.

Keep with the series: Yes!

So whata re your favorite shows that didnpt covered the whole work that is based on? Let us known in the comments bellow!