Welcome, Welcome! How has been your week? I hope it was good! Would have you liked for something to go different? Yes, no? How much? Now talking about anime it´s time to see those little (or big) differences between what it´s on Tv and the material it´s based on!

For different reasons, the anime adaptations tend to change some things for the anime they are base done either adding little scenes or background information on the characters, complete chapters or even story arcs; while those fillers are an everyday happening in the world of anime adaptations, there is other kind of change.

The changes that affect the whole paradigm and the series, so much that one couldn´t even speak that they are the same story, not anymore.

As an example we have the anime of Fuuka, where an event (that I won´t say since it´s spoiler) changed radically, transforming completely the story in a vastly different one than the one we found in the manga! Of course this stuff was received with a mixed reception; but ultimately, the fans where seeing the anime and how that change in direction affected the rest of the story.


Other example (although not as big) is the anime of “My Monster Secret” (or Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa) where the manga followed certain path while the anime changed the order of various scenes in order to deliver it´s own tale, although trying to attain the same spirit of the work it is based on.

So now, tell us what are your most (or least) favorites changes that an anime has made on it´s adaptation compared to the manga or light novel?! Let us know in the comments bellow!