Hello, hello! How it´s this week treating you? I hope it´s in the best way possible; now it´s time to finally hear the weird voices in your head, the ones that aren´t from your voice… No, not the ones that tell you to put things on fire! But the ones from voice actors!

Going to the point, there it has always been a time when I am reading manga and sometimes the characters gets a voice of his own, and more often than not it´s a voice we have heard before, like from a voice actor that we thought it would fit the character or it´s funny for us.

At the same time, when I am reading a manga version of any anime or movie I previously watched the voices from the animated work comes to my mind!

So the question is… Have you find yourself putting voices when you read manga/Light Novel/Comics?


If you have or if you didn´t let us know in the comments bellow!