A bunch of authors recently have been discussing how one of AniTAYS best features have been missing in recent months. Of course its the Question of the Weeb, where you the reader and us the author have the chance to get to know each other better. The new generation of Question of the Weeb will be hosted every Friday at 4:00 pm by a revolving series of writers, I was just pushing enough to be first, I hope you return next week, the week after, hell even the week after that too!

This being the first of the second generation I was conflicted, what would be the question. Kind of an important thing, no? Trust me I went through a lot of research on the subject of past Questions of the Week/Weeb. In the end I thought it would be best to stay basic, why not

So here it is our Question of the Weeb! Who is your favorite character in a currently airing anime? If you do not have one or are not watching this season, be less specific just who do you like, any why? I think my pick it pretty obvious.