As I was trying to come up with a Question for todays Question of the Weeb I like last week was conflicted. What could I say, should it be basic, should it be specific, what to do, what to do... then I thought of something the only rule is it has to be a question. It is Question of the Weeb correctly?

So this Question of the Weeb will be a bit different. More of a poll really or a game for us to play together. So community of AniTAY I ask you this What Anime Should I Watch Next? Now the rules are quite simple name an anime and explain why I should watch it, literally any anime (you can even pick a troll answer) really. Though 12-24 episodes and easily watchable (CR, Funimation, Netflix, ect.) and the cleverest response or one that gets the most community engagement I’ll watch and report back on.

So what say you AniTAY? Really What Anime Should I Watch Next? Hope to see lots of comments and if your a reader but dont comment try it out, we don’t bite.