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Question of the Weeb: November Valentine

Yeah, I know it sounds like some artsy fartsy movie that goes up for best drama at the Academy Awards, but the prompt this week is:

What is your favorite romantic moment/go to romance anime?

Eureka Seven got weird towards the end. All of the plot points and weird metamorphosis for characters was a lot to swallow. The best part of it all though? A super cheesy over the top romance moment between two of the characters: Dominic and Anemone. Really it is as sweet and romantic as it is absurd. The duo embraces as they free fall inverted. A lot of corny dialogue thrown in with “I can’t hear you!” and the whoosh of two people diving head first for the ground. Every time I want to talk trash on this scene, I kinda get a little smirk on my face and think MY GOODNESS THIS IS PRECIOUS.

Let us know your answers below! Hope all has been going well, and we’ll see you after Thanksgiving next!


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