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Question of the Weeb: I Wish...

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Anime is cruel. A series you loved the manga for can be shred apart in front of you because of licensing issues, awful animation, or outright poor reception. No matter how much you yearn for it again, it will never return. It gets even grimmer for fans of things that haven’t been adapted yet- you hope and plead that your favorite material doesn’t get the raw deal. Such is the anticipation of anime in production.


This week, the question of the weeb is:

What do you most wish to see in anime soon (Fall 17-2018 anime seasons)?

Everyone’s going to start booing at me for this, but I really want some good dubs. The new Fate series (and hopefully a dub of the films!), the eventual dub of A Silent Voice, and of course hopes for the anime of Ancient Magus Bride all have me eager to see cast lists that are bound to pop up. It’s commonly thought I want a dub of Monogatari, but that just wouldn’t work well dubbed.


No, no. My dream dub is The Garden of Sinners. It already is perfect for the format! It just needs a little love from a great ADR director and cast to make the push for English. Another positive to this would mean we would almost certainly get MUCH cheaper versions of the Blu Rays to the films (my one friend only has the dvds and even then those were a treasure to actually see in person).

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