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A straightforward question for everyone today. What kind of qualities of an anime, make it hard for you to watch?

While I personally have a fairly high tolerance for tragedy, screwed up content, or even fanservice. There is a aspect to some anime that just discourages me from continuing on with a show. That quality, for lack of better term, is mean-spiritedness. At least in terms to the outlook on characters. Watamote’s brand of humor being probably the most well known example.

As a fan who’s favorite anime is Berserk, I have little problem with unhappy resolutions or even cruelty towards characters as part of the story (heck I love Konosuba, and that show is downright mean to its characters), but I have never felt drawn to shows which are set up to elicit a sort of pitiableness for its characters, though I recognize there is a market for these shows.

So, please leave a comment and let us know more about what types of qualities that might drive you to skip a show.


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