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Question of the Weeb: Deeper than I Expected

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Hello, hello! After one week hiatus we are back! Now, there are some series or anything that can be more than it meets the eye! What series like that have you encountered?


This question goes in 2 ways: one it is when you see a series that looks something simple at first hand; but when one go deeper the thing can be quite deep, and the second it´s when one its interested or is enjoying a series so obviously when one search for such series on the internet one finds that the series has a very long legs and material about it, so it cabe a little overwhelmed about it.

On the first case it is with Senran Kagura which it is a series (well a video game one; but it had an anime and a second season it´s coming, so it sorts of counts!) that it looks like just boobs and fighting for the outside; but when one looks beyond that one can find quite a good story, and even a lot of complexity in how the series is handled since we got not 1; but 3 timelines where the events of what happens to the girls after the first game, it differs greatly, and to even add more to that, the latest game (Peach Beach Splash) it´s like a “merging event” where the intent was to convey these storylines into one (the mainline games, Versus ones and the New Wave one)...So yeah for a game that it is about boobs the thing can be quite deep and complicated to trully understand.


On the second case it would be with Saint Seiya the thing is just an 80´s Shounen and all, and those series thend to be quite direct and simple to get, still the thing with this series it is that it has a big amount of Spinoffs, sequels, prequels and Midquels, and more than once I have encountered people that might feel a little reluctant to watch it due to the feeling that they might not know where to start or how to understand this thing.

In any case, whats eries have you found (either by your own or by seeing others) that might have had similar impact? Let us know in the comments!

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