Question of the Weeb: Anime Trivia

Hello, Hello! How has been this week for you? Good, Bad, Regular? Did you enter in an Isekai by a mere Chance?! Whatever the case welcome to your Question of the Weeb!

This time, it ´s moment to show us your anime/manga/Light Novel/ Video Game knowledge and let us know any kind of random trivia about your favorite series! It doesn´t have to be something big, just any kind of info will be enough! So let us start!


Saintia Sho´s Mangaka has stated that when she started making the manga, Masami Kurumada (Saint Seiya´s author and the base from Saintia Sho) only gave her 3 orders: - The main Character´s name will be SHoko; The villain will be Eris and; a list of the constellations he hasn´t used so she can use at her disposal. And that´s about it, a lot of liberty, still she always sent her scripts to Kurumada to get his aproval, her attention to detail was so much that even Kurumada was amazed and told her that if she wanted she could adrift from the original work if she wanted.

Other from Saint Seiya is that the Female Saints originally weren´t going to use masks; but since he wanted to have the character of Aquila Marin using one he found himself in a problem... If she was the only girl using a mask it would be too suspicious and might even be too obvious that she might be related to Seiya...Like outting a sigh above her; but at the same time if she doesn´t use mask then her face would be revealed and such mystery couldn´t be used, therefore he decided that all the female saints would use masks and invented an in-universe reason for such thing (that they needed to deny their feminity in order to become warriors).

Now what kind of trivia you know about any series? Let us known in the comments bellow!

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