Whenever you are hearing a song from an Anime, Drama or even hearing some Japanese band (or any other band for that matter) there are times when you hear a song that has you humping and bumping, and you can feel in your heart that even if you can´t understand the song, it has a good rhythm or a good voice or good composition and basically you get to like it.

On Anime songs I came to like, obviously, a lot of Saint Seiya Songs, although a song that took me by surprise and became one of my favorites in recent memory it has to be “Raise your Flag” by Man with a Mission:

Which when I heard the song with subtitles it had some really cool lyrics, and came to like the song even more!... I can´t say that I am a Man with a Mission fan; but I can say that they are highly talented and I love the already mentioned song.

In contrario sensu, there was the moment when I came to realize that J-Pop music is basically the same as the regular Pop (which there are songs that I like BTW), and It came thanks to the OVA of “Listen to me, Girls. I am your Father!” and the Ending song. I mean the series was a dramatic one, with some warming heart moments, so when I was watching it on Crunchyroll (that it doesn´t subtitle the songs) I thought that maybe it was a song about family and heartwarming things, then the Ova came out and I watched it on “The Seven Seas” since Crunchy didn´t bring it. In there the song was subtitled and… I was highly disappointed, it was a song about sweets or something, nothing of the fantasies that I had on my mind.

So I came to realize that what makes the difference between a Japanese Song and one that you could understand it is exactly that… That you can understand what the singer is saying, and in the case of the Japanese songs since I can´t understand them I just let my imagination fly and fel what emotions such song brings to me.


Anyway, what Japanese Songs have you liked and when you ended up reading or understanding the Lyric ended up liking it more or disliking it a little? Let us know in the comments!