The Psychiatrist Rika Kayama Expressed her Opinion on her Column.

“Are Girl Characters Blameless?” Is the name of the Article made by the Psychologist and Psychiatrist Rika Kayama has expressed her Concerns about a conection between The Sexual Offenders and the Moe Characters.

She States that when the Companies, Tourism Sites, Popular Regions, Etc, Promote themselves through Mascots, they use Characters, Generally Females, that are Cute...Although she Express that besides being Cute, they have a degree of Sensuality and or Sexyness.

“They won’t attract attention if they’re not a little sexy,” It is what a Municipal Official told her, although she Wonders if that glimpse of Sexyness have some Psychology behind it.

Rika Kayama admits that the Majority of the people know that those characters are Fictional, there might be someone who thinks that it is Okay to see Litle Girls and think they are Sexy... And think that if they Smile at them, no matter what inttentions they have behind, She will accept them.


She Continues saying that maybe some people then make the Jump of Looking at Girls As Sexual Objects, and then someone might make the Jump to start Sexualy Abussing them. “You might laugh and say, ‘There aren’t people like that. Moe characters are totally different from crime,’ but I get uneasy whenever I see the moe characters overflowing in each region,”.

While Most People have taken with Negatives views what she has Stated. There was some Study in the West about Pornography Addiction and Violent Sexual Acts that gave similar results to what Rika was stating in her Column.

Also in the Hentai/Japanese Porn World exist the Genre that basically focus on Sexually abusing women in public places.


Of Course, it is wrong to generalize Everyone on the same group, and those Sick persons are in truth a minority Who Spoils the Party for everyone (Some Crazy man with a Gun played Call Of Duty and everyone thinks that Video Games are Bad; Some People have a Fetish that the only way they are Sexualy aroused it´s if they wear and looks like the gender they sexually desire, so everyone thinks that every transgender is a Perv...And other examples there are).

Anyway, what do you Guys Think?

Via: Anime News Network