Project Hydra - Corpse Party: Tortured Souls Episode 2

Oftentimes, I am told that an anime is a horror show or scary. Although these recommendations often prove to be good shows, rarely do I find them to be what they were marketed to me as. In this case, however, Corpse Party is exactly what someone might expect from a scary movie- for better or for worse.

My Hydra assignment was the second episode, so by the time I began my viewing, all of the students are in the haunted schoolhouse, transported there after performing some kind of ritual. Corpse Party manages to create a chilling and thrilling atmosphere within the school, featuring an ancient and crumbling building with dead bodies are on clear display all over. Deceased little children, murdered by their teacher years ago, haunt the halls and kill many living students that they run into. If, by some miracle, the students manage to survive, they slowly lose their own sanity to the 'curse' and begin killing each other. This whole setting is utilized very well, and is about as creepy as it sounds.


While Corpse Party manages to take many of the best suspenseful elements of horror, it also unfortunately takes some of the worst elements as well. The characters all have about zero development, and repeatedly make stupid decisions, much like many low-budget western affairs. So far, I have learned none of their names and the only real progression is when someone dies or goes crazy. However, I was able to overlook the less solid elements due to the continued tension due to the horror elements. The writing, in this respect, is excellent.


Corpse Party is an anime with an excellent element of horror that makes it very interesting, despite falling for many classic western clichés. Would I be willing to watch more? Absolutely. Although the story didn't seem to develop much during my time with the episode, I still want to know what happens next, and by the time this article is published it is likely that I have finished watching all four OVAs.

This is Part 2 of Project Hydra for Corpse Party, which was written by Protonstorm and coordinated/edited by Rockmandash12. You can find the rest of the parts here, and if you want to see more Project Hydra, check the Project Hydra Tag on AniTAY. For an explanation of what Project Hydra is, check this out. You can join the fun on our Sunday Cafes or by posting your own articles on Kinja with the Ani-TAY tag.

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