This time I'm not gonna keep you waiting with my final thoughts until the end because I had way too many. But there's one that stands among all the others: this is the best manga I've ever read. Tohru Fujisaki created a gem. Hands down, no contest. now let's get into the details.


Great Teacher Onizuka centers around Eikichi Onizuka, a true thug who graduated from a fifth rate college through cheating. When he decides to try and bring his life together, he turns to teaching and so the story begins.

He starts teaching part time at Holy Forest Academy and the request of the Head Principle. What he did not know when he took the job was that he would be put in charge of the most problematic class there is. They had previously driven three other teachers to quit teaching forever. With cruel bullying, suicide, geniuses and monsters, this class is truly a terrible class. Until Onizuka takes over.

The Great

The characters are extremely well developed and intriguing. Fujisawa depicts the flaws in everyone and everything, from the students, to the cops, to the teachers, especially the teachers. Onizuka accepts all of these flaws without question and doesn't make an effort to directly correct them, but inadvertently does it through his actions and demeanor. That's truly the greatest part. The sad parts will make you cry, over and over. And the funny parts will make you laugh, over and over. Everything is so great.


The Bad

I was going through all of this again, recalling every part of this manga that I can and I can't truly say that there's anything inherently bad about this manga.

Final Thoughts

This isn't even a review anymore, just praise. As it should be because this is one of the greatest ma has ever. Curl up with your favorite album and give it a read, please.