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Poll: What Spring Anime are You Watching?

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Hello readers! Today I come at you with a simple question: what are you watching? There isn’t any real ulterior motive to this poll; I just want see what this fine community fancies. I kinda want to compare it to Richard Eisenbeis’ “What are the Best” poll too.


The poll has no limit, so please select all shows that apply to you. This is not something you need to decide on, just check them off as you go. Don’t just pick your favourites, pick every show that you’ve stuck with thus far!

Before you say, “BuuT STaN-kyun!!! Parasytic isrt on teh pull¿xX|420|Xx?!” let me specifically say that the poll only contains shows that have just begun airing this spring season. Shows like Parasyte or Assassination Classroom are not a part of this.


To reiterate, select EVERY show that you are currently watching week to week that started airing in the Spring 2015 season.

Here we go!


Awesome stuff! If you want, list all of the shows you’re watching in the comments, since I’m always curious. If you have way to many to list, just give me a number and talk about your favourites.

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