Poll: Regarding the future of "In the Latest Chapter Of..." Series

Greetings! As you know we are coming to a close of half the series of this articles have covered up. So it is time to you to make an opinion about it´s future!

As you may know since January 2015 a series of articles called “In the Latest Chapter Of...” have appeared on this blog. Those articles cover the newest chapters of some series, that yours truly, have been reading or watching. The series covered so far are:

- Cardfight!! Vanguard G

- Saint Seiya -Soul of Gold-

- Saint Seiya Saintia Sho

- World War Blue (This one in a more sporadic way. Althoug it will return this week!)


If you have been following or reading any of those, or all of them. I have to say first. Thank you!

Second. As you may know some of those series are going to end soon, or already are. I´m talking about Soul of Gold and Cardfight!! Vanguard G , which will end the next week and will open a new one.

Those two shows made the half of the follow up series. And from that it comes the question.

What will be the future of “In the Latest Chapter Of...”? Since i plan on continue with Saintia Sho and World War Blue until they are finished, but Should there be a new show joining them? What about covering the new Vanguard Season?


That matter is a litle complicated since i love the anime, and Vanguard, but let´s be frank, they doesn´t put the world on fire around here! (Unlike the amazing AnimeGATE covering that Maelwys do, or the one made by Ishamael about Naruto- and will return his covering this October!, can´t wait!-) and while i enjoy doing them, there are sometimes when i wonder what would i do with that time i took every sunday in order to make it? Also noticing that there are times when i have to put them late or another day (It has only happened once luckily) since doing one of those it covers like 2 and a half hours.

So going to the point. What should happen next? Cover up the new Vangaurd Season? Put a new Anime series for this season instead? Focusing only on Saintia Sho or World War Blue?


You decide!





”>What</a> should be done?

Yeah, I can´t make a decent Poll with the storm of “Amp” in there. Just ignore them :P. I Will check the result in one week and notify you on the results!


If you have any other recomendations, opinion or whatever you wanna post concerning the theme. Feel free to do it on the comments!

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