I have been waiting so long for this... I don’t know about you but Death Note and Bakuman are some of my favorite manga’s out there. So when news broke recently that not only was the duo Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata were coming back with a new series but it was starting in only a few months I said right away I must write about this. So here we are with the special preview of the dynamic duo’s new manga Platinum End. Will it live up to the massive popularity of their previous works or just be okay, nobody can say. However I say this I will be here every step of the way, this is going to be good. If you want to see my previous impression series please check out my coverage of the Naruto Gaiden limited series.

Now I warn you Chapter 0 is about as devoid of the main plot as it can be. It’s more of a sample then anything. The initial pages focus on a lively Middle School as the children are gleefully celebrating their impending move over to High School. Except one... a solitary individual sits in this class room all alone with not a friend in sight, Yagami Light this is not meet Mirai Kakehashi a boy who wants to die.


Yes as the preview continues, it shows that Mirai had one goal in life to be happy. Instead he has found little happiness in life and due to this he decides to end it. He climbs to the top of a tall building and with a few thoughts on life, death, heaven, and hell he embraces his end. However instead of feeling it end he feels nothing... wondering if he’s in heaven or hell and deciding it doesn’t matter because he’s dead he opens his eyes and is surrounded by beautiful white feathers.

Really this was a perfect preview for the series. Knowing that this is a story of a “Human and an Angel” it shows what lead up to this. Being a monthly manga we’re most likely looking at around 40 more pages and much more plot during the real outing. Regardless I came away feeling it to be a distinct if familiar work with the tone certainly gravitating closer too the darkness of Death Note then the unbridled optimism found in Bakuman. Furthermore the art is a noticeable step up from either series however this is mostly just due to being the first chapter and a preview at that. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this taste of Platinum End Impressions and will come back one month from now with the main course. See you soon. As always please leave your thoughts in the comments what do you want to see, why do you love Death Note and Bakuman, anything really this is a big event.