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Sofia Pichihua is the name of the woman.

With more than a 1,000 objects in her power, Sofia Pichihua has earned the recognition of the Guiness World Records by being the human being with more merchandise of Sakura Card Captor.


The collection includes VHS, DVDS, Video games,Cds, Mangas, action figures, stickers and other various objects that make part of the collection.

In an interview by Andina Radio Online Sofia confessed that this was her objective 3 years ago, although her collection started when she was in College.


Sakura Card Captor aired in Cartoon Network Latin America in the early years of the XXI Century.

This is the second Anime Guiness World Record that a Peruvian person has obtained since Jorge Vásquez has the record for more merchandise of Saint Seiya... Still there is hope that Sofia don´t follow the example of Jorge and the ways he gets the money for his “Museum” (Ergo by Selling pirated anime and Mangas).


The Manga of Sakura Card Captor Clear Card is currently being published and an Anime has been already announced.

Via: ANMTVLA (Spanish)

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