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Persona 3 The Movie 2: A Midsummer Knight's Dream on Netflix

Illustration for article titled iPersona 3 The Movie 2: A Midsummer Knights Dream /ion Netflix

Well Netflix has picked up another interesting anime movie. This time in the form of the second installment of the Persona 3 movie franchise Midsummer Knight’s Dream partially borrowing it’s title from the Bard himself William Shakespeare. Although it’s kind of annoying the first film seems to have no been licensed with the film it’s still a nice surprise especially to fans of the game and franchise. A quick warning though like a lot of Netflix anime recently this is a sub only offering so if you like dubs stay away.


Recently other anime feature films have also made their way to Netflix, including a Berserk movie and the surprisingly entertaining anime original movie Expelled from Paradise. All of which I can easily say are worth your time.

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