Dexomega: Hey everyone. Today Rockmandash and I are going to talk about Patema Inverted. It's a fantasy movie made by the same director that made Time of Eve and Pale Cocoon. We'll be doing this in the usual collaboration style popularized by the Golden Time review.

RockmanDash12: It's a pretty interesting movie that should be fun to talk about, and i'm welcome to be a part of this.

Dexomega: It's certainly something. Without getting too far ahead of ourselves, the movie revolves around Patema, a girl that lives underground for reasons unknown. During some routine exploration, she falls down a chasm. Contrary to the intuitive result, she finds herself in a tree looking down into the sky.

Dexomega: It's there that she meets Age, a boy that's firmly rooted to the ground she's falling away from.

RockmanDash12: The typical boy meets girl, but in circumstances that is anything from typical.


Dexomega: Definitely, so now that we have the exposition mostly out of the way, let's jump right into this by talking about the overall story.

RockmanDash12: Interesting, engaging, dystopian, and unique.

Dexomega: The whole story is very mind-bending because of the rather unique circumstances of the world.


Dexomega: But that's really a good thing in the end because it lends itself to some interesting worldbuilding.

RockmanDash12: Very interesting worldbuilding indeed, and it was extremely well crafted too, given the short amount of time they had. (it's a movie after all...)


RockmanDash12: I mean, you don't see a Theocratic surveillance state everyday.

Dexomega: On one hand you have Patema's people underground that exist in an almost post-apocalyptic reality. On the other you have Age's, which is like you say, a Theocratic surveillance state.

Dexomega: It's a pretty typical "opposing realities" story that is told from Patema and Age's viewpoint.


RockmanDash12: Yet it's done so well. It fleshes out it's world and the characters in a way that is fufilling, moreso than many TV anime are.

Dexomega: Absolutely, and the movie's exploration of "trust" between Age and Patema is some of the most engaging of its kind I've ever seen. The idea that Age is the only thing keeping Patema from death is very engaging.

RockmanDash12: Definitely. Due to it's it's fun with gravity ghimick, it gets you to think about the world and how this world impacts the people together. Age's community is based around the fact that those who are upside down, getting you to think about how the people interact, how they think, or at least make you ponder the question of what direction is up.


RockmanDash12: The trust that they place on each other is almost surreal, and every moment that Patema and Age are together is extremely entertaining.

RockmanDash12: That being said, if you are digging for an explaination on the way gravity works, etc., you won't really find it here. This is a story built soley for the narritive, nothing more.

Dexomega: True enough.

Dexomega: As the story goes on the whole gravity thing gets pretty wacky, but we can talk about that a bit later.


Dexomega: Alright then, so what's your thoughts on the story overall?

RockmanDash12: I really enjoyed it. It was a gripping, fufilling narrative that took an interesting concept and ran with it, alongside a great world. Not much really to complain about, it was great.

Dexomega: Same here. I love a good dystopia and Patema Inverted delivered.

Dexomega: Good story and good themes.

RockmanDash12: definitely.


Dexomega: Alright, so right at the end we talked a bit about Age and Patema, so it makes sense to talk a bit more about them and the rest of the characters.

RockmanDash12: sure.

Dexomega: I really liked Patema's character and I thought Age complemented her very well.


Dexomega: They aren't groundbreaking characters, but the dynamic their relationship takes on in Patema Inverted is really something.

RockmanDash12: definitely.

RockmanDash12: It's one thing to trust a person, but it's another to trust a person with your life, as you are hanging off of them.


Dexomega: The movie really drives that point home too. Their relationship is a really unique reinforcement of that concept of trust. At first they do it reluctantly, but by the end of the movie it's very clear that they do trust each other implicitly.

RockmanDash12: That trust, by the way was very entertaining. They have good chemestry with each other in general, and seeing them bounce their world views while trusting the other in such a manner was just enjoyable to watch.

Dexomega: But it's not just Patema and Age in this movie, there's also a couple of other important characters. The biggest one is the main antagonist of the film: Izamura.


RockmanDash12: He.. was interesting?

Dexomega: Izamura nails that crazed theological dictator archetype.

Dexomega: It's not a great archetype to have, but he's certainly crazy.

RockmanDash12: Yup. Even if you don't like that type of character, you have to admit that it was fun to watch.


Dexomega: I did find his... weird thing about getting Patema to trust him almost Yandere in nature.

Dexomega: Pretty creepy too.

RockmanDash12: sort of?

Dexomega: So yeah, Patema and Age were great and Izamura was really crazy (and kinda creepy). The rest of the cast doesn't do terribly much really.


RockmanDash12: Definitely. I really appreciated how most of the cast had a meaning and their fates intertwined into the story. When you typically have flashbacks, they flesh a character, and that's about it. In Patema Inverted, it actually implements that into the story and it was pretty entertaining.

RockmanDash12: Plus, they were pretty entertaining to boot.

Dexomega: So my verdict overall on the characters is a good one. Thoroughly entertaining and the main characters were all fleshed out well.


RockmanDash12: Definitely.

Dexomega: Pushing aside the characters then, we can talk about what's probably the movie's best part: the visuals.


RockmanDash12: It's a movie after all. They have to use their budget somewhere.. and it shows.

Dexomega: I started watching the movie and nothing quite struck me about it until we saw Patema on the surface. There's that one scene really early on where she starts falling into the sky and Age "catches" her. The whole scene that unfolded right there confirmed that I'd found a very interesting film.


RockmanDash12: Definitely. It captures the feeling of flying really well. It took my breath away.

Dexomega: It was beautifully animated and the direction of the scene was impeccable. The act of "flipping" over the camera view was excellent for conveying the nature of the film and its setting.

Dexomega: Absolutely spectacular way to sell the setting with visuals.

RockmanDash12: Definitely.

Dexomega: There's a lot of really great moments throughout the film. From that first moment to the rooftop scene to the ending itself, I think the visuals and animation were an integral part of the film.


RockmanDash12: Integral indeed. Like any good movie should, they managed to tell a story and create an atmosphere via visuals, via great cinematography, and it really impressed me.

RockmanDash12: It was also the aspect to make something impactful, they really nailed how to emphisize a point via visuals in a beautiful way.

Dexomega: Between the great directing and the great animating, I think Patema Inverted nails this category down easily as a fantastic part of the film.


RockmanDash12: There's no way around it really.

RockmanDash12: It's beautiful.

Dexomega: I'm getting the Blu-ray ASAP.

RockmanDash12: Same.


Dexomega: Leaving behind the great visuals, we should talk about the soundtrack.

RockmanDash12: It was pretty good!

RockmanDash12: It surprised me though. I wasn't really expecting anything.

Dexomega: I think it fit the setting and feeling of the film very well, though I can't really point to any one song and say "that one was great".


Dexomega: All the songs fit well into the story and it all really helps drive the movie, but I'm not sure it has the appeal to listen to it without the movie.

RockmanDash12: Yeah, but it really did help the movie: some of those scenes were really impactful due to a well placed, well executed song.

RockmanDash12: I don't think it's something that's going to my phone anytime soon, but I appreciated everything it did.


Dexomega: I agree of course. It's great for the movie, but maybe not great for your music folder.

Dexomega: Seems like we wrapped up soundtrack fast, so we can move on to the ending.


RockmanDash12: I think i'm starting to sound like a broken record at the moment, but I liked it quite a bit. :)

Dexomega: Indeed. I really liked the ending and Patema and Age's interactions right at the end.

Dexomega: It was climactic and it works well.

RockmanDash12: It also actually wrapped up the plot in a meaningful, fufilling way ( because apparently the catharsis is lost on modern writers), while showing off everything the movie did well.


Dexomega: There is one thing that bugs me of course. We kinda alluded to it before. The ending does have some detriments that stem from the gravity gimmick.

RockmanDash12: Definitely.

Dexomega: I'll be the first to admit that I've got no clue how that reality they live in works. I can only imagine what their planet looks like from space (if there is space).


RockmanDash12: Living space under living space under living space, all with inverted gravities. Legit.

RockmanDash12: While fufilling to the narrative, it wasn't really fulfilling to those world building aspects. Suspension of disbelief goes a long way.

Dexomega: It's cool, but among other things, the twist after the rooftop goes no where, in fact it seems like the characters don't even mind the twist.


RockmanDash12: That didn't really bother me because the "underground" people are supposed to know this and the "normal" people were some of the most open minded in their society, but I can assume mass panic when the information spreads.

Dexomega: In terms of an ending for the characters, I'd say that it was a great ending and I liked it a lot. In terms of an ending for the plot and setting, I'd say it had a ways to go.

RockmanDash12: I'd have to agree with that.

Dexomega: If nothing else it does make me want to see an OVA series or some kind of small sequel that explores some of the lingering plot threads, but it's okay as it is.


RockmanDash12: Definitely, I'd love to see mass hyseria/social movement, but I'm really happy with the way it ended. I apprecate that feeling, it's leaving more and leaving you curious while concluding in a solid way. It's what I'd consider a good ending.

Dexomega: Well, now we've reached the conclusion. All parts considered, I think Patema Inverted is going to make a fantastic addition to my anime collection. It has a great world, great animation, and great characters.


Dexomega: That's all I really need.

RockmanDash12: It's a well rounded movie that i'd recommend to everyone, fulfilling, beautiful and well written. Like you said, it has everything that makes for a good show, and definitely makes for a good addition to a collection.

Dexomega: My overall is going to be a Go For It, if that wasn't clear already. Barring some twist ending I assume you also share that sentiment Rock.


RockmanDash12: Absolutely. It's a movie I'd reccomend to everyone.

Dexomega: There you have it everyone, go and do yourself a favor. At least in the United States you can rent the streaming HD version on Amazon for $0.99.


RockmanDash12: It's pretty much impulse watch at that point, which we both caved into. Give it a shot!