P.A. Works charges it´s staff for working for them, Animator claims

P.A. Works is the house of animation for various projects, the more known are Shirobako, Angel Beats, etc. In the last few days this animation house has been the center of a controversy regarding the working conditions of their employees.


An Inbetweener (an Animator who draws the aniamtion frames between key scenes, they are taken as Freelancers or Contractors) has went into a twitter rant about the work conditions on her work place, being this place P.A. Works.

After that she deleted her twitter; but BDH´s Lair was able to archive them and translate them. They are a lot so here are some samples:

So, if you make it to three years as an inbetweener without moving up to key animation, they [P.A. Works] start charging you 6,000 yen [$58] a month to use your desk. It’s like they’re silently trying to say, “Get out of here. You don’t have the talent for this work.” Like, holy s**t. I’ve been working here for three years for peanuts and THAT’s how you treat me? I’m starting to seriously hate this place.

Third year inbetweening and I’m paying the studio 6,000 yen to use my desk, lmao


Also, I’m not a f**king janitor?? Why don’t you hire some actual janitorial services?? And if you can’t afford that, don’t make your f**king staff (not that I’m even an employee) do it.


There it is to say too that the Inbetweeners are payed for drawing, this is inr egards that she took a picture of 2 different payments she had where the differences are rdiculous.


P.A. Works has released an official statement regarding all of this where they apologize and makes note that the person who revealed such things is still working with them and that she decided to delete her twitter by her own free will.

There is more information about the happenings of the subject at the Source page.


Thanks to Messy for the heads up!

Via: GoBoiano

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